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A Tour Package to Wild - Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary


Parambikulam wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats.
Parambikulam hill ranges are also a part of the flawless continuation of enchanting Western Ghats of the country originating from the state of Gujarat. This range is geographically unique for its lush green forests and is the prime source of seasonal rains in the Southern region. At Parambikulam, the height of mountain abruptly and vertically drops to 100 meters above sea level from 1500 meters and a plain. This corridor acts as a buffer screen for high velocity winds in the area. This basin is well known for its rich flora and fauna.

There are a number of still traditional tribal settlements like Kaadar, Muthuva, Malayar, Malamalasar in Parambikulam, adjacent to Anapadi and Sungam. The wind of urban development has not so far engulfed them socially, economically or culturally.

Parambikulam though potentially a tourism spot has not been opened up to public for intensive tourism due to obvious ecological and environmental reasons. Here only eco-tourism in a very limited manner is promoted for restricted numbers, essentially nature lovers.

The program involves only trekking to evergreen semi evergreen deciduous forest . This is one of the richest bio diversity area in the Western Ghats ,

Owing to it varied climatic and vegetative condition. Therefore sighting wild animals is cent percent . Some important wild animals are elephant spot at deer mongoose Crocodile snake and other reptiles like lizards . Plenty of birds and butterfly species can be also sited frequently.

Food is prepared in each camp site and on each day by expert cook. On the last day of the program the dinner will be provided in the traditional way (thally) using banana leaf with 10-15 vegetarian items

Detailed tour plan and price on request »

  • 3 Nights camp.
  • Max. 5 persons.

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